Your Trusted Physical Therapist in Lamar, CO

Every patient has different needs and we pride ourselves on having the in-depth knowledge and expertise to treat people from all walks of life for any ailments or physical stress they may be experiencing. At Physical Therapy Plus Inc, experience personalized, professional care in a modern and comfortable environment. Kent Madsen, PT at Physical Therapy Plus in Lamar, CO is committed to offering quality care at affordable rates. Speak with us today to make an appointment.

Therapeutic pool

Physical Therapy Plus, Inc. offers a 65’x15’x4’ therapeutic swimming pool that is heated to 90° to allow patients the benefits of improving mobility, balance and endurance.

Our dedication to PROVEN results ensure we offer the most complete physical therapy programs in the Southeast Colorado area.

therapeutic pool
physical therapy equipment room

Management & Treatment

It's always best to treat any physical injuries and discomfort as soon as possible. When seeking care to manage those ailments you need a physical therapist who offers prompt service with a PROVEN track record for treatment. Kent Madsen, PT is a highly qualified and trained practitioner that specializes in all areas of physical therapy.

Therapy & Rehabilitation

The road to recovery needs to be handled with care and personalized treatment.

Ensuring that you will return to the vibrant lifestyle you enjoy Kent Madsen, P.T. will design specialized therapy and rehabilitation sessions to your specific physical needs, in conjunction with other specific physical needs.

Basketball Court
physical therapy equipment room

Advice & Consultation

After undergoing treatment and care, Kent Madsen, PT can offer ongoing consultations to ensure that your recovery is on track. From activities that you can incorporate into your daily life to simple tips we offer complete ongoing care. Physical Therapy Plus, Inc. in Lamar is a full service clinic from start to finish. For however long you need us, we’ll be there! We invite you to visit us today or call us for additional information. 

We Offer the Care and Treatment You Deserve

Physical ailments and injuries can intrude on your daily life, but they don't have to. Become rejuvenated with the help of our expert physical therapist in Lamar, CO who will help you stay active and live your life to the fullest. At Physical Therapy Plus Inc, we believe in offering the most effective, PROVEN therapeutic treatment designed for your individual physical needs.

We will go the extra mile to make sure you receive the best physical therapy services in Southeast Colorado based on proven scientific research, clinical experience, and continuing education. Call us for an appointment today.

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